Scams at a Glance

Attorney General Ashley Moody released a resource for Floridians to use for protection against fraud. Scams at a Glance is an outreach program with information about common and emerging scams. The downloadable brochures are designed to teach consumers how to avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes. The brochures and other information on the website are available in both English and Spanish. Scams highlighted include imposter scams, tech support scams and more. Savvy consumers can stop fraud in its tracks, but they must know what to look for.

Some general signs of common scams include:

  • Unsolicited calls or emails;
  • High-pressure tactics or too-good-to-be-true offers;
  • Threats of loss if immediate action is not taken; and
  • Requests for immediate payment by wire transfer, credit, prepaid debit, or gift cards.

Attorney General Moody is also working hard to educate Floridians about new and upcoming scams through the Consumer Alert program. Scams at a Glance is another fraud prevention tool to help support Consumer Alerts and bolster consumer knowledge about common scam tactics.

To view recent Consumer Alerts, visit

To report fraud or file a complaint, visit or call 1(866) 9NO-SCAM.

To download and print the tri-fold brochures please see below:

  • Tax Identity Theft

    During tax filing season, scammers may try to steal a consumer’s identity to steal returns.

    En Español

  • Robotexts and Robocalls

    Spam robotexts are now more prevalent than illegal robocalls—scammers try to steal victim’s personal or financial information with texts that contain malicious links.

    En Español


    IRS Imposters

    Be wary of potential scammers pretending to be IRS agents.

    En Español

  • Charity Scams

    Scam artists prey on the goodwill of others by posing as representatives of legitimate charities or creating fictitious charities in order to solicit funds online, in person or over the phone.

    En Español

To report suspected Fraud, please File a Complaint or call the Fraud Hotline at 1-866-966-7226.

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